How To Take Care Of Your Everest Shoes

We all want our shoes to always be like new. The useful life of any garment depends not only on the quality of its fabric and its preparation, but also on the care we give it. For this we give you 4 tips to make them look flawless for as long as possible.

Care tips:

  • Determine the use: One of the main recommendations is the choice of footwear for the use you want to give it. Shoes made of delicate materials (suede, patent leather, etc.), should be used occasionally and in activities that are not risky. In case of rain, use the shoes dedicated to such use, no leather shoes are recommended for this case.
  • Let them rest: Nothing worse than wearing your shoes several days in a row. It is best to let them rest, and this way you will achieve that the skin is less marked.
  • Protect them from stains: Stains are the enemy of your shoes! We recommend that as soon as you buy them, you apply an anti-stain spray.
  • Use of footwear: Tying the shoes correctly and using a shoe horn when putting on or taking off the footwear are simple cares to ensure their longevity.
  • Cleaning and protection: Dedicate a minimum routine time for cleaning and protection. We attach the recommended care for each type of material.


First of all, different tools and products are needed for the different materials of your footwear. We recommend cleaning the dirt after wearing the shoes, as well as letting them dry one day from the natural sweat of the foot (away from a heat source, since the leather or the soles can dry out).



If the shoe has laces, we recommend removing them for a better cleaning.

Wipe the shoe dry with a soft cloth to remove surface dirt.

If there is still dirt, use a white bristle brush for a more thorough cleaning.

Apply the ointment or cream corresponding to the color of your shoe. We recommend using an ointment brush, and make a smooth and concentric application.

Let dry for a few minutes to allow proper wetting and rub with a soft cloth.  

Finally, if you want a shinier finish, we recommend polishing the surface of your shoes with a soft bristle brush or a shine sponge.

If the color of your footwear does not have an ointment corresponding to that color, you must use the colorless ointments.

If the sole or welt is a natural color, be careful not to go through those cream colored parts, as it will stain the color of the cream.



Suede is vulnerable to water and attracts dirt more easily, which is why cleaning your suede shoes regularly is important.

- If the shoe has laces, we recommend removing them for better cleaning.

- Wipe the shoe dry with a soft cloth to remove surface dirt.

- To remove stains, use a suede brush with metal bristles, with which you can remove stains.

- If your shoes are still marked, we recommend using a suede eraser, with which you will be able to reduce the marks.

- Finally, it is important to waterproof the suede with a protective water spray periodically.


High-gloss varnishes and leathers are leathers with a fine, shiny finish. 

- Keep clean with a soft brush or cloth.

- If necessary, slightly moisten the cloth.

- Do not use any type of cleanser or cream.  



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